The “system” illusion

by Sebastian TIRTIRAU

The “system” illusion

“This is a cause for which I am willing to die for, but not to kill for” Mahatma Ghandi

It was one of the most perfected systems the world has ever seen: calculated, pre-meditated and even justified by the national church: apartheid!

The name alone is enough to give chills to countless people and it produced so much hatred, the world is still trying to figure out how to tackle it.

Apartheid:  separation on the basis of race, or what South Africa endured  since 1948.  The “creed” that the white man is superior to the black man, and therefore the need to do things separate: live in separate neighborhoods, worship in separate churches, eat in different restaurants, ride in the back of the bus.  Unless you work for the white man, long, strenous hours, with hardly any pay, to build their great civilization.

The apartheid system gave huge liberty and abundance to its white followers.  They could do whatever they wanted inside this system while the oppressed could do almost nothing.  For almost 50 years, this went on pretty much undisturbed.

Due to the immense sacrifice of Nelson Mandela and the movement he helped create, the abusive system of apartheid crumbled in 1994, with his release from prison.

The apartheid, in spite of being so powerful, brought nothing new to the world: it followed a certain pattern that most systems used before.  Fascism followed the same pattern, communism as well and from them other systems followed suit.  Dictatorships, organized religion and terrorist or neo nazi groups.  All these systems have 2 things in common: tremendous privileges and freedoms for the few and horrible restrictions for the masses.

Utopias such as Communism, Socialism, Religious communes, Arian dreams and other radical entities are nothing but a way to opress people in the name of some ideology.

All these systems have, at some point in history, being destabilized, dethroned or dismantled by movements, which are defined by risings of common people from the ranks of oppressed masses who had enough of corruption, manipulation and exploitation.

Martin Luther dethroned the Papacy in 16th Century through his anti-corruption theses in Worms.  Nelson Mandela destroyed apartheid in South Africa, Ghandi brought the British Empire to its knees, Martin Luther King Jr. brought segregation to an end.  All through movements, peaceful at their core, calm but steadfast and clear.

Jesus himself started a movement, one that threw the established system of the time out of balance and changed the world, even though humans managed to screw even this one up, by establishing organized religion and controlling the whole world.


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