Orphans in faraway places

by Sebastian TIRTIRAU

Orphans in faraway places

“You cannot do this, Sebastian, they’re too many and you will never reach them all”. I have been confronted with this statement a few times in my life, especially when it comes to orphans. “A drop in the ocean”, “too little too late”, I am sure you heard them all. In a way, these statements are true, it is a vast ocean of suffering and of abject poverty, injustice and inequality out there. What can one man do? Or a handful of men and women? Better just leave all these people to their fate, we are not responsible for their misery. Or are we? Are we to sit idle and watch how these children wither and die, just because we are not responsible for their situation? Surely, very few of us have held a three year-old child in their arms, who was dying of malaria, or TB, or of dysentery. Looking into her eyes, knowing she will be dead in the next few minutes and yet, not being able to save her. I have held that child in my arms and I can tell you that it changes you, deeply and completely. For the rest of your life. Every piece of bread you eat, every cup of water you drink, becomes a conscious act, to respect, appreciate and pay forward what you have been given in abundance for those less fortunate than you. That is not selfish gratification, it becomes your second nature, focused, content and genuine. This kind of peace no one can take away from you and I believe this is what we all need or are searching for now, in the context of this unstable world we live in today. Yes, there are too many orphans in the world, too many poor people, too much suffering. And yes, we cannot solve it all alone. But together, joined by a common passion and a common goal, we can change their world, one at a time. I have done it, it’s possible, it’s within your grasp!

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  1. Eleanor Wells

    I totally believe in the power of ‘one’.


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Our Vision

Providing a platform for people who long to leave a durable legacy of good behind them.  A legacy of real results, with no strings attached, no hidden agenda and no search for self-gratification or vain glory. What we say we do, we are doing and we provide long term support for people and communities in real need. 

We have little use for empty words and empty promises. 

We love to under-promise and over-deliver.

Dream! Plan! Act!

A dream can only be successful when you put it into action!

Our Vision

1. To promote, support and develop the well-being of underprivileged, marginalized and remote children of the world, orphans primarily but not necessarily as a general rule.

2. To create the appropriate infrastructure for such projects, like water systems powered by solar technology, irrigation and agricultural systems to feed them, school buildings, sports facilities, skill development facilities, education sponsorship, medical help and humanitarian support.

3. To bring true care, true love and true commitment to these children by encouraging the local communities to get involved in raising these children in the local culture, language and circumstances, so they grow up to be confident and happy members of their own society.

4. To educate the adult community in protecting the children from abuse, exploitation and neglect, by implementing stimulating programs in the community to foster their well being as a whole.

5. To teach these children and youth the definition of the only true religion: “The purest religion is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.” James 1:27. No other definition will be accepted in connection with our work with the orphans. This will keep all the other religious agendas at bay and the children will be given a fair opportunity to choose their destiny.

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