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Heroes are ordinary people who do extraordinary things in extraordinary times. 

You can do something extraordinary for the people of Ukraine too!

I see their faces every day; eyes wide open, pale faces, looks of confusion and terror.  Their eyes say everything.  What they witnessed is indescribable.  All this makes you feel completely helpless and l hate that feeling.  I do not believe that nothing can be done for these people. And I am not the only one who thinks that.

Thousands of workers, volunteers, aid organizations are present at the border between Romania and Ukraine to support the refugees.  On the Romanian side there is a tremendous energy, everyone is buzzing to help out.  Food, clothes, blankets, warm drinks, toys, and much more.

As you approach the Ukrainian border you suddenly feel this cold shiver on your back; it is quieter here, no aid, no food and long, long lines of refugees waiting to exit the country.

It is heartbreaking, devastating, soulless.

At the Siret border of Romania, they are expecting more than 500.000 refugees in the next few days.

Where would these people go?

After the warm welcome by Romanians at the border, there are large stretches of bush and open land, strange villages for them, unknown situations.

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Pilgrim Movement wants to ensure that these people reach safely their final destination, be that towards the countries of Europe, North America or Australia.  Safe passage, transport, food, accommodation.

No matter what you hear about the aid organizations, it is never enough.

And the time is very short. 

We cannot wait another month we need help and support now.

Forget about the politics of a war, who’s right and who’s wrong or why one country attacks the other; this is about the mothers, the children and the elderly that are destroyed and killed or die frozen trying to get out of their country.

No one should question the ethical reason for helping them.


Jump on board, time is of great importance, every day more people will continue to suffer needlessly!

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To make a donation via PayPal or through credit card please click on the button below.

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