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Hands On

Below you’ll find practical information on how to make a lasting difference in lives around the world. We have no intention of changing people, cultures, view of the world or make them look like the rest of us. We believe in the diversity of the world and we intend to keep it untouched. By the same token, we don’t believe in sitting idle watching little children die of thirst, hunger or diseases. Therefore, we spend all our energy creating long term programs that benefit our communities.

Current Projects


The Kalahari
San Project

Starts: Ongoing

Pilgrim Movement has a unique opportunity to economically save the San  people of Kalahari from abject poverty and starvation, due to his position in the San tribe, since his adoption as a San member in 1998.

No jobs, no training, no education are just a few of the San challenges today.  This puts them in a very difficult situation, worsened by the last few years of pandemic and war in the world that stopped the flow of tourists since 2020, leaving them dire situations.

The only solution to lift the San living in Namibia out of this is to create skill development projects, training the young in new skills and teaching how to use their culture and traditions to become self sufficient.


Orphans Support

Starts: Ongoing

We are currently supporting 200 orphans in Zambia. The country has over one million orphans mostly AIDS orphans. This support consists of education sponsorship, feeding programs and medical care. To be clear: we DO NOT believe in the institution of orphanage; orphanages are abusive institutions which leave the children without any skills for life. Our orphans grow in the local villages under the care of local families. We support the family with everything the child needs, so we place no burden on them. This way the orphans grow up as a confident human being, speaking their own language and learning the culture of their own people.


Agricultural Programs

Starts: Ongoing

We believe in the saying: “give a man a fish and you feed him for one day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for life”

We established complex agricultural programs that create a self sufficiency that will sustain them for the rest of their life. We have established orchards, organic gardens and vegetable fields that will give this children food and will teach them how to grow food.

This way we will not be dependent on donations for our food programs and use this funding to other self-sustainable projects and skill improvement programs.


Solar powered water systems

Starts: Ongoing

We have installed over 110 water systems powered by solar technology that feed over 30.000 peoples in the Kalahari desert. We have also installed 6 water catchments on the island of Espiritu Santu in Vanuatu.

These water systems are completely environmentally friendly and self sustainable. They provide up to 10.000 litres of water per day for each village. This gives them a new chance of survival becouse they can wash, drink clean water and plant food around their yards.

A solar powered water system can pump clean water for 20 years.

Sports Projects

We also sponsor orphans in their sport activities, both boys and girls, with facilities, sports fields and sports equipment. We have currently 7 soccer teams, 2 volleyball teams, 2 netball teams.


Future Projects


Support Programs for the Inuit Communities of Canada

Starts: April 2021

The Inuit communities of Nunavut Canada are long survivors of the North. We will establish youth programs in close cooperation with the Inuit leaders.

These programs involve specialized equipment, tools and qualified teams.



Disaster recovery programs for South Pacific Islands

Starts: April 2021

The devastation of hurricanes in the South Pacific is extensive, especially in the context of global warming.

We will establish a complex program that will support the local communities with rebuilding their villages and their lives.


Marginalized villages of Romania

Starts: April 2021

Romania is a mountainous country in Eastern Europe, making it difficult for some remote villages to have proper access to education, sanitation and electricity.

We will provide their children access to this services by creating the infrastructure.

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The Nitty Gritty

Below you’ll find practical information on what it costs to run projects like ours. As you’ll see there is something for everyone’s budget. Little things like buying a chicken or feeding a child will go a long way without breaking your wallet.

In the same time, the magnitude of our projects, helping thousends of people comes up to very large amounts of funding. This is where numebers come in to play: the more people who donate translates into more people we can help.

Egg laying hens – 15 US dollars each

Roosters – 25 US dollars each

Milk goats – 140 US dollars each

Meat goats – 120 US dollars each

Male goat – 300 US dollars each

Dairy cows – 500 US dollars each

Meat cattle – 200 US dollars each

Donkeys – 300 US dollars each

Guinea fowls – 25 US dollars each

Trees – 10 to 20 US dollars each, depending on the species

Seeds – 1 US dollar a packet

Seedlings – 3 US dollars each

Irrigation pipes and accessories: 2000 US dollars

Tractor: 7000 US dollars

Water tanks, 10.000 litres – 2000 US dollars each

Fencing materials – 5000 US dollars

School fees – 150 US dollars per year per child

Shoes/clothing – 150 US dollars per year per child

Food – 40 US dollars per month per child

Medical care – 10 US dollars per month per child

Mosquito nets, untreated – 10 US dollars per net

Solar powered water systems (including submersible pump, cables, solar panels, installation expenses) – 5000 US dollars each

Drilling boreholes for water – 6000 US dollars each borehole

Water tanks, 10.000 litres – 2000 US dollars each

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For as little as 20 dollars a month you can make a difference in a child’s life or be part of installing a water system that will give water for a village for 20 years.

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Leave a Legacy

You can be the sole sponsor of a full water system that will provide water for 1000 people for two decades. We will install a memorial plaque with any details you provide which will be set in stone for as long as the stone stands.

Click on DONATE NOW button below if you want to make a donation for a full water system.


Adopt an Orphan

OK, we don’t really adopt orphans, BUT for 150 dollars per year you can ensure a great future for an orphan. However, it is extremely important that you understand that once we start sponsoring an orphan we heve see him/her complete high school. We cannot start sponsoring a child and a year or two down the road we have to pull him out of school for lack of funds.

Click on the DONATE NOW button below and opt for the recurring 150 US dollars per year.

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