Inuit Youth Projects


Since 2004, Pilgrim has been involved in supporting the Arctic Inuit youth with various programs, such as reading prgrams, sports activities and promotion of beautiful Inuit culture.


Currently, as part of our worldwide projects with Indigenous cultures, we have established a youth program with the Inuit youth, on a continous basis.


This is a truly Canadian project for our own ancient people of the Arctic.

1. Reading material supplies for the Arctic remote schools, with emphasis on smaller communities like Pangnirtung, Igloolik, Arctic Bay, Clyde’s River.

2. Sports equipment such as hockey equipment, soccer equipment, volleyball, basketball and more

3. Cultural activities support of language, traditions and customs.

4. Tourism promotion for visitors from around the world, by involving local outfitters in guiding and providing services to tourists.

Direct support

Aligned with our international projects, all donations provided for this prject will go directly to the Arctic people.
Thank you for your support and legacy.


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